Is Dallas GA a Safe Place to Live?

Is Dallas GA a Safe Place to Live?

Moving to a new place involves considering various factors, and safety is undoubtedly one of the top priorities. If you're contemplating a move to Dallas, GA, it's essential to delve into the crime rates and community safety to make an informed decision. In this in-depth exploration, we'll analyze the crime statistics of Dallas, GA, providing you with a comprehensive overview of its safety landscape.

Understanding Crime Indices

To gauge the safety of Dallas, GA, we can start by comparing its crime indices with Smyrna, GA. These indices range from 1 (indicating low crime) to 100 (indicating high crime)[1]. Understanding this comparison can give us an initial sense of Dallas's safety in comparison to a neighboring city.

Latest Crime Statistics

For a more granular view, let's delve into the latest crime statistics for Dallas, GA. Utilizing data from the FBI, we can explore metrics such as murder rates, violent crime, and property crime rates[2]. This detailed analysis can provide insights into the current safety scenario in Dallas.

Accurate 2021 Crime Rates

Crime rates can vary from year to year, and the most accurate information often comes from recent years. By examining the crime rates of 2021, we can better understand the chances of being a victim of violent crime or property crime in Dallas, GA[3]. This data can help us establish trends and patterns in the safety landscape.

City-Data Crime Index

A broader perspective can be gained by considering the City-Data crime index. This index compares the 2020 crime rate in Dallas, GA, to the U.S. average, providing valuable insights into how Dallas fares on a national scale[4]. Understanding where Dallas stands in relation to the broader crime landscape is crucial for potential residents.

Statewide Context

To contextualize Dallas's safety, it's essential to consider Georgia's overall crime rates. With a statewide violent crime rate of 3.9 and a property crime rate of 17.5, Georgia's crime rates are relatively close to national averages[5]. This information can serve as a benchmark for evaluating Dallas's safety within the broader state context. has Dallas GA listed in the top 20 Safest Cities in Georgia.

Detailed Crime Rates and Heat Map

For a more localized understanding, exploring detailed crime rates in Dallas, GA, along with a crime density heat map, can provide insights into specific neighborhoods and areas with varying safety levels[6]. This level of granularity is crucial for individuals seeking to make informed decisions about where to live within Dallas.


In conclusion, assessing the safety of Dallas, GA, requires a multifaceted approach. Crime rates are dynamic and can change, so staying informed is essential for those considering a move. By exploring various crime metrics, comparing indices, and understanding the local and statewide context, individuals can make well-informed decisions regarding their safety and well-being in Dallas.

This comprehensive analysis serves as a guide for anyone seeking a detailed understanding of the safety landscape in Dallas, GA. Remember that safety is a multifaceted concept, and considering various factors will contribute to making the best decision for your future.

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