Tips for Choosing the Right Floor Plan

Tips for Choosing the Right Floor Plan

The layout of your home will most likely be one of the most significant choices you will ever make regarding your home.  Whether you prefer a single story ranch home, multiple stories, a basement or no basement, all the bedrooms on the top floor, master on the main floor - choosing your perfect floor plan can be stressful but also exciting!
1) Choose a floor plan that suits your lifestyle and prioritize what's most important to you.
2)  Know your budget and make sure your wants and needs fit within it.
3)  Know what things you do not like or want so you know what to avoid.
4)  Decide if you want a single story or multiple story home.  
5)  Think about how much outdoor space you will need and evaluate what your life might look like in 5-10 years; will you need more space?
6)  Think about how you use your home - do you entertain a lot, need office space, a media room, or a home gym?  Don't forget to factor in these spaces in your floor plan.
7)  How long do you plan to live in this home?  Will it accommodate your growing family 2 - 4- 10 years from now?  Are you upsizing or downsizing?  
All roots need a strong foundation!  Trust your gut when picking a floor plan, because chances are, you already know exactly what you and your family want and need!  With these details in mind, you’re on your way to choosing a functional home that will work for your lifestyle and personal preferences.

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