Date Night Ideas Near Dallas, GA

Date Night Ideas Near Dallas, GA

Date Ideas Near Dallas, GA

Looking for the perfect date ideas near Dallas, GA?

Explore our guide to discover 10 unique and romantic activities for a memorable date. From strolling through scenic parks to enjoying local cuisine and live performances, find your ideal date spot near Dallas, GA.

The Basement Theatre:

A cozy spot for theater lovers, The Basement Theatre offers live performances that can add a touch of culture and entertainment to your date night. It's an intimate setting, ideal for enjoying plays or improvisational comedy. The cost varies depending on the show, and it's located within Dallas, making it easily accessible for a local evening out.

Starlight Drive-In Theatre & Flea Market:

Combining the nostalgia of a drive-in movie with the excitement of a flea market, this venue offers a unique and memorable dating experience. Enjoy a film under the stars and browse through various stalls for unique finds. Ticket prices are generally affordable, and the drive-in is a short drive from downtown Dallas, providing an easy getaway for an evening.

Skyline Park:

This amusement park offers a variety of games and rides, perfect for a fun and playful date. Enjoy the stunning views, engage in some friendly competition, and indulge in classic park snacks. The cost of rides and games can vary, and it's a short trip from Dallas, making it a convenient location for a day out.

Revery VR Bar:

For a modern and unique date experience, the Revery VR Bar offers virtual reality games and simulations. It's a great way to engage in new experiences together, and the cost is generally moderate. Located within a reasonable distance from Dallas, it's a great evening venture for tech-savvy couples.

The Painted Pin:

This upscale bowling alley is not just about bowling; it also offers a variety of other games, great food, and drinks. It's perfect for couples looking for a relaxed yet entertaining evening. Prices vary based on activities and dining, and it's conveniently located within a short drive from Dallas.

Outrageous Mini Golf:

For a light-hearted and fun date, Outrageous Mini Golf offers a whimsical mini-golf experience. It's affordable and a great way to enjoy some friendly competition. Located in the Dallas area, it's an easily accessible location for a relaxed date.

Escape Woods:

Challenge yourselves with an escape room adventure set in a natural environment. Escape Woods combines problem-solving with a thrilling storyline, making for an exciting and bonding experience. The cost varies per game, and it's located near Dallas, perfect for an adventurous date night.

Sappy Axes:

Axe throwing is a trendy and adventurous date idea. Sappy Axes offers a safe and fun environment to learn and compete. It's a unique way to spend an evening, with moderate pricing. This venue is located conveniently within Dallas, making it an easy-to-plan date night.

AMC Hiram 14:

For a classic movie date, AMC Hiram 14 offers the latest blockbusters. With comfortable seating and a variety of snacks, it's a great way to enjoy a relaxed evening. Ticket prices are standard for cinemas, and it's located a short drive from Dallas, perfect for a spontaneous movie night.

NCG Cinema - Acworth:

Another excellent option for movie enthusiasts, NCG Cinema in Acworth provides a comfortable and modern movie-going experience. It's ideal for those looking to catch new releases in a cozy setting. Standard cinema pricing applies, and it's conveniently located for those in the Dallas area, making it an easy choice for a date night.