Discover the Parks of Paulding County, Georgia: A Comprehensive Guide to Amenities and Attractions

Burnt Hickory Park

Address: 8650 Cartersville Hwy, Dallas, GA 30132

Burnt Hickory Park is a gem in Paulding County, offering a plethora of activities and amenities for visitors of all ages. Nestled in the heart of the county, this park features extensive recreational facilities designed to cater to a variety of interests.

Amenities and Options:

  • Athletic Fields: Multiple fields for baseball and soccer.
  • Playground: Safe and engaging equipment for children.
  • Walking Trails: Scenic trails for walking and jogging.
  • Picnic Areas: Numerous tables and pavilions.
  • Community Center: Programs and activities, including fitness classes and cultural events. 

Earl Duncan Park at Paulding Meadows

Address: 724 Paulding Meadows Dr, Dallas, GA 30132

Earl Duncan Park at Paulding Meadows is renowned for its picturesque landscapes and community-focused amenities. This park is a popular destination for families and individuals seeking both relaxation and recreation.

Amenities and Options:

  • Festival Grounds: Hosts the annual Paulding Meadows Arts and Crafts Festival.
  • Walking Trails: Well-maintained for walking and running.
  • Playground: Spacious and safe for children.
  • Fishing Pond: Stocked pond for fishing.
  • Sports Fields: Various fields for local leagues and recreational play.

Larry C. Ragsdale/White Oak Park

Address: 298 Mustang Dr, Dallas, GA 30157

Larry C. Ragsdale/White Oak Park offers a diverse range of amenities designed to enhance the outdoor experience for all visitors. Its combination of natural beauty and modern facilities makes it a favorite among residents.

Amenities and Options:

  • Disc Golf Course: 18-hole course.
  • Playgrounds: Multiple areas with diverse equipment.
  • Walking and Biking Trails: Extensive trails.
  • Sports Complex: Includes soccer, baseball, and softball fields.
  • Picnic Areas: Shaded areas and pavilions.

Mt. Tabor Park

Address: 1550 E Paulding Dr, Dallas, GA 30157

Mt. Tabor Park is a versatile park offering a blend of athletic and recreational amenities. Its scenic location and variety of activities make it a prime destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Amenities and Options:

  • Tennis Courts: Available for public use.
  • Baseball and Softball Fields: Designed for competitive and recreational play.
  • Walking Trails: Provide beautiful views.
  • Playground: Fun and safe for children.
  • Community Center: Hosts programs and events.

Mulberry Rock Park

Address: 3500 Mulberry Rock Rd, Dallas, GA 30157

Mulberry Rock Park is a haven for those looking to immerse themselves in nature. This park offers a tranquil setting and numerous amenities that cater to outdoor activities and family fun.

Amenities and Options:

  • Hiking Trails: Well-marked for hiking and nature walks.
  • Fishing: Peaceful pond.
  • Picnic Areas: Shaded tables ideal for outdoor meals.
  • Playground: Engaging equipment for children.

Samuel U. Braly Sports Complex

Address: 775 Industrial Blvd N, Dallas, GA 30132

The Samuel U. Braly Sports Complex is a premier destination for sports enthusiasts in Paulding County. This complex is designed to support a variety of athletic activities and events.

Amenities and Options:

  • Sports Fields: Multiple fields for various sports.
  • Concession Stands: Provide snacks and refreshments.
  • Playground: Equipped for younger visitors.
  • Walking Trails: Paved trails.
  • Picnic Areas: Tables and pavilions.

Tara Drummond Memorial Park

Address: 500 Tara Drummond Trail, Dallas, GA 30132

Tara Drummond Memorial Park is a beautiful tribute and a serene place for relaxation and recreation. This park offers a range of amenities that cater to visitors looking for both active and passive recreation.

Amenities and Options:

  • Walking Trails: Peaceful trails.
  • Memorials: Thoughtfully placed throughout the park.
  • Playground: Small area for children.
  • Picnic Areas: Designated spaces with tables.

Taylor Farm Park

Address: 1380 Pine Valley Rd, Powder Springs, GA 30127

Taylor Farm Park is a versatile park with facilities that cater to a variety of interests. Its well-maintained amenities make it a popular spot for community events and daily recreation.

Amenities and Options:

  • Recreation Center: Offers fitness classes, sports leagues, and community programs.
  • Sports Fields: Available for soccer, baseball, and other sports.
  • Walking Trails: Scenic routes for walkers and joggers.
  • Playground: Modern equipment for children.
  • Picnic Areas: Shaded tables and pavilions.

Veterans Park

Address: 240 Constitution Blvd, Dallas, GA 30132

Veterans Park is a place of honor and reflection, dedicated to those who have served. It also offers amenities that support both contemplation and recreation.

Amenities and Options:

  • Memorials: Designed to pay tribute to veterans.
  • Walking Trails: Peaceful trails.
  • Playground: Small area for children.
  • Picnic Areas: Quiet areas with tables.

Sara Babb Park

Address: 100 Terrell Dr, Dallas, GA 30132

Sara Babb Park is a popular destination in Dallas, GA, known for its extensive recreational facilities and natural beauty.

Amenities and Options:

  • Swimming Pool: Open during the summer months.
  • Tennis Courts: Available for public use.
  • Walking Trails: Scenic and suitable for jogging.
  • Playground: Modern equipment for children.
  • Picnic Areas: Shaded tables and pavilions.

Elizabeth McKoon Memorial Park

Address: 421 McKoon St, Dallas, GA 30132

Elizabeth McKoon Memorial Park offers a serene environment with well-maintained amenities for community enjoyment.

Amenities and Options:

  • Playground: Safe and engaging for children.
  • Picnic Areas: Tables and pavilions for family gatherings.
  • Green Spaces: Open areas for relaxation.

Dallas Dog Park (Dogwoods at Coleman Camp Park)

Address: 400 Industrial Blvd N, Dallas, GA 30132

This park is a haven for dog owners and their furry friends, providing a safe space for off-leash play.

Amenities and Options:

  • Fenced Areas: Separate areas for small and large dogs.
  • Water Stations: Convenient water access.
  • Benches: Seating for dog owners.

Gazebo at Dallas Trailhead

Address: 168 N Johnston St, Dallas, GA 30132

The Gazebo at Dallas Trailhead is a picturesque spot ideal for small gatherings and events.

Amenities and Options:

  • Gazebo: Suitable for weddings, picnics, and community events.
  • Walking Trails: Trails suitable for walking and biking.

Orphan Brigade Battlefield Park

Address: 1142 Mt Olivet Rd, Dallas, GA 30132

This historical park offers insights into the Civil War era, with well-preserved battlegrounds and informative displays.

Amenities and Options:

  • Historical Markers: Educational signs.
  • Walking Trails: Paths through historic sites.
  • Picnic Areas: Relaxing spaces.

Ben Hill Strickland Park

Address: 372 Oak St, Hiram, GA 30141

Located in Hiram, GA, Ben Hill Strickland Park features diverse amenities for recreation and leisure.

Amenities and Options:

  • Amphitheater: For events and performances.
  • Pavilion: Rentable for gatherings.
  • Playground: Safe and fun for children.
  • Walking Trails: Scenic trails for walking and jogging.

Paulding County, Georgia, is home to a diverse array of parks, each offering unique amenities and experiences. From athletic fields and playgrounds to walking trails and picnic areas, these parks provide countless opportunities for recreation, relaxation, and community engagement. Whether you are looking to play sports, enjoy a picnic, or simply take a walk in nature, the parks of Paulding County have something to offer everyone.


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