Private Airports near Dallas, GA

Private Airports Near Dallas GA

For aviation enthusiasts, corporate travelers, or those seeking private air travel convenience near Dallas, Georgia, the area offers access to several excellent private airports.

Here are the top three private airports near Dallas, highlighting their amenities, services, and proximity:

Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport (KPUJ):

Website: Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport
Located about 9 miles from Dallas, Georgia, this airport serves as a key facility for private aviation. It features a 5,505-foot runway and offers services like aircraft maintenance, fueling, and hangar rentals.

Cobb County International Airport – McCollum Field (KRYY):

Website: Cobb County International Airport
Approximately 17 miles southeast of Dallas, this airport is well-equipped for private and general aviation with a 6,305-foot runway. It provides various amenities including aircraft maintenance, fueling, flight training, and hangar facilities.

Cartersville Airport (KVPC):

Website: Cartersville Airport
Situated around 18 miles northeast of Dallas, Cartersville Airport offers a 5,760-foot runway and caters to general aviation needs. Services include fueling, aircraft maintenance, and avionics repair.

These airports near Dallas, Georgia, offer excellent services and facilities for private air travel. Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport is the closest and provides essential services for private aviation. Cobb County International Airport stands out for its comprehensive amenities and flight training options.

Cartersville Airport, though slightly farther, is a viable option for private pilots and corporate flyers. These airports are well-equipped to meet a variety of aviation needs, making them ideal for those based in or traveling to the Dallas area.

(Note: Always contact the airports directly or visit their websites for the most current information on services, facilities, and operational details.)